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The conclusion of Brie's alien autopsy story. We learn about the mysterious video that aired on Fox in the 90s and the people behind it.

In part 1 of 2, Brie gives Allison some background on the supposed alien crash in Roswell in order to prepare us for the autopsy hoax that would surface in the 90s.

Charles Ponzi Part 2

Ponzi: The Conclusion! Allison finally get to the goods and tells Brie all about Ponzi's infamous scheme and the fallout from it.

Charles Ponzi Part 1

Allison tells Brie about the early life and times of Charles Ponzi. Yes, that Ponzi.

Miracle Mineral Solution

Brie tells Allison all about Miracle Mineral Solution, a bleach-based cure-all

Cassie Chadwick Part 2

The conclusion to our Cassie Chadwick story, including her most infamous grifts

Cassie Chadwick Part 1

Our hosts get comfortable and discuss Cassie Chadwick, Cleveland's most well-known grifter.